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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular relational database management system. As a database server Microsoft SQL Server stores and retrieves data which may run either on another computer across a network or on the same computer, requested by other software applications.

Type Name


Connection Properties

Template name: mssql

Appropriate translator name: sqlserver


  • host (default: localhost)
  • port (no default; for connection to a Microsoft SQL Server with dynamic port allocation configured, instanceName needs to be provided via jdbc-properties)
  • db
  • user-name
  • password (default: empty)
  • encrypt (default: FALSE; enables connection encryption and has the same possible string value as the corresponding SQL Server JDBC driver property: TRUE, FALSE, and STRICT)
  • driver (default:
  • driver-class (default:
  • jdbc-properties (arbitrary extra properties)
  • new-connection-sql (default: SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF)
  • check-valid-connection-sql (default: select 1)
  • min-pool-size (default: 2)
  • max-pool-size (default: 70)

Translator Properties

Translator Properties Specific for MS SQL

NameDescriptionDefault value

Values: bulkInsertSingleThread, bulkInsertMultiThread, standard

  • bulkInsertSingleThread - sends batches in a single thread
  • bulkInsertMultiThread - sends batches in multiple threads
  • standard - single data processing/no batches
maxChunkSizeSets the approximate size in bytes for batches created
numberOfThreadsNumber of threads for the bulkInsertMultiThread mode3

Value: boolean.

When set to TRUE, update is committed only when all data is loaded

supportsFullOuterJoinsIf outer joins are supported, TRUE indicates that FULL OUTER JOINs are supportedTRUE
supportsOrderByStringSupport indicates connector supports ordering by stringsTRUE

Data Source Properties

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