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Data Virtuality Pipes is a cloud data integration solution enabling you to quickly and easily integrate data from more than 60 databases and APIs to a connected data warehouse using connectors. Not only are the connectors ready to use, but they are also fully maintained by us, meaning that you do not need to worry about API changes.

With Pipes, you centralize data from all your data sources in your data warehouse and automate your data unification processes. The centralized data can then be analyzed using your preferred business intelligence tool and processed.

Here's how it works: Data Virtuality Pipes extracts data you want to retrieve from your connected data source(s) and replicates it to your connected data warehouse. After the one-time initial setup, data is retrieved automatically according to the schedule selected or defined by you. You can then analyze the combined data using any business intelligence tool you like and automate your reporting process.

Security and Hosting

Using Pipes is entirely secure: all web pages use HTTPS, and all data is transmitted via an encrypted connection. Data Virtuality has no access to your data.

Pipes is hosted by us on servers in the US or Germany. You can check which location is offered by default and switch to the other location if you want to during signup - please see the Getting Started with Pipes section for more information on this.

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