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The Jobs page gives an overview of all jobs in your Pipes installation and provides access to detailed information and the possibility to manage them, including creating a new job. 

By default, the most recently executed jobs are shown on this page (10, 50, 100, or 250, depending on the number of items per page selected under the table), along with their last execution status, last fire time, and next fire time. To view details on any specific job and its schedule, click the 

button, and for easy access to available operations (Edit Job, View History, Disable Job, Delete Job), the 

You can search for a specific job ID, title, or source, or filter jobs using the three buttons in the top right corner of the table: SQL, CopyOver, RecOpt, and System. Please note that jobs here are divided into these three categories according to their type of definition:

  • SQL jobs are defined via SQL;
  • CopyOver is an umbrella term for two specific jobs: CopyOverSourceTableJob and CopyOverSQLJob;
  • RecOpt are recommended optimization jobs;
  • System Jobs are built-in utility jobs (currently, there are two: performance and cleanup).

For detailed information on the different types of jobs supported by Pipes and schedules available for them, please see Jobs and Schedules.

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