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The Pipes interface lets you quickly set up and manage your Pipes installation. In this section, we will describe each element of the interface and how you can get the most out of them; this page gives a short overview of each element and links to more detailed descriptions.


The Dashboard gives an overview of your Pipes installation and its status and also provides a log of all runs with an easy way to view only failed runs if needed. Please find a detailed description here.


This page displays all sources connected to your Pipes installation. You can manage the sources you have already added and add new ones here. This page is described in more detail here.


This tab displays the jobs running on your Pipes instance and gives quick access to detailed information about them, adding new jobs, and editing existing ones. Schedules for the jobs can also be managed from this page. You can find more information here.


This section is available via the menu which appears upon clicking on your name in the top right corner of all Pipes pages. It gives you access to your data warehouse settings, account information, notifications management, and Pipes execution status settings. All preferences are described in more detail here.

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