The Data Virtuality Server supports querying different data sources using specific connectors. Using this set of system stored procedures and system tables (see Management API Guide), you can easily create, remove, or enumerate connections  and data sources (i.e. models in terms of the Data Virtuality Server), as well as refresh metadata for particular or all data sources, or only get metadata differences for particular or all data sources between the current Data Virtuality Server state and the actual state in the appropriate external data source.

All dynamically created data sources are restored on the start of the Data Virtuality Server, but if a data source can't be restored, it is marked in the SYSADMIN.DynamicModels system table with failed=TRUE.

Both getDataSourceMetadataDiff() and getAllDataSourcesMetadataDiff() procedures return a result set. Each line of the set represents a table column (the fields of the set are a subset of the SYSTEM.Columns table) with an additional field “action” which contains ‘added’ or ‘dropped’ value depending on added or dropped the column was in the original data source which is represented by the line.

See Also

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