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Preferences are available in the menu under your name in the Pipes interface's top right corner. Here is what they look like when collapsed:


Here you can check your account information: name, company name, user name, and email.

By default, the same email address is used for email notifications if something requires your attention and you have enabled email notifications, but you can go to the Notifications section below and enter any email address you wish to use for Pipes notifications.

If you want to change your password, you can use the Change Password link in the menu under your name in the top right corner.

Invite Users

Here you can add colleagues to your Pipes account so they can work with it, too.


By default, notifications are disabled: Pipes generally runs independently and does not require watching over it. You can enable notifications by toggling the switch under the type of notifications you like most (at present, we support Slack and email notifications) or both so that Pipes will let you know if something requires your attention.

Email notifications use the email address you have provided during signup by default (it can be changed to another email address). Slack notifications use Slack WebHooks and require some manual actions - please see below for step-by-step instructions. Both types of notifications are sent hourly.

Slack Notifications

This type of notification uses Slack WebHooks and requires some manual actions. Here's how to set up Slack notifications for Pipes:

  1. Click the link under the Slack field. You will be redirected to Slack App Directory's Incoming WebHooks page, and you might need to log in to your Slack workspace.
  2. In the Post to Channel section, select the channel to which you want the notifications to come and click Add Incoming WebHooks integration.
  3. On the next page, go to the Integration Settings section, find and copy the Webhook URL, return to the notifications settings in the Pipes preferences, and paste it into the Slack field.
  4. Toggle the Enable Slack notifications switch and save your settings.

This is all you need to do - you do not have to go through the setup instructions on the Slack page, as we have already configured the WebHook for you. If you wish, you can go through the Integration Settings section: change the channel for posting notifications, customize the name and icon for incoming messages, and add a description.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are, by default, sent to the email address you indicated during registration. If you want to use a different email address, you can enter it in the Email field. The Use my email button will set the notifications to the email indicated in the Account section. Do not forget to toggle the Enable Email notifications switch under the Email field and save your settings!

Notifications are sent from

Pipes Execution Status

Pipes execution status is a log of all unique job chains and can be configured to be stored as a table in your data warehouse. By default, the table name is pipes_status, and you can change it to anything you like.

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